Website Flash
Here’s how the story goes:
Only Flash offers the possibility to add animations and videos on websites. When it first appeared on the web, flash was used in only two fields: adding ads by animated banners and flash introduction. At that time, web designers considered that Flash could leave a professional impression - if a website contained flash elements, they were the web designer’s pride, meaning that the site had been designed by the latest technology.
Flash has become the most widely used animation program in the hands of ordinary people, as it was „so simple” to create animation. Thus, we have seen it used very often as flash introduction. I am sure that all web designers have created a Flash introduction at some point in their career, assuming they had achieved basic knowledge of Flash.

Thus, we create interactive maps using Flash technology advantages.
Our application is the best solution, either if you need an interactive map which can be easily used and surfed, or dynamic localization of certain objectives in a database.

Multimedia Applications
"Add animation to your site!"

Flash is the technology that allows you to
• add animation,
• add sound,
• add interactivity and
• visual effects to your site.

Most websites use HTML to create a basic structure, but adding Flash components makes the site seem more sophisticated and it will be interactive. One can create a wide range of effects, from the visual ones to the simplest 30 seconds Intros, or entire sites in Flash which exhibit the latest animation, sound and complex visual effects.

You can also choose multimedia CDs to present the company by complex flash movies, whose loading speed is not limited by that of a certain site.

Multimedia CD

Ideal for fairs, exhibitions, seminars or any similar activities, the media CD can replace one hundred pages catalogues.

It represents the company, the provided products or services, without printing sheets of paper. In terms of both quality and information quantity, the multimedia presentation on standard CD or mini CD is more effective than the piles of brochures.

Due to its ability to store, the multimedia CD may contain the entire range of messages: audio and video spots, photos, tables, texts, offers, catalogues of products, web pages, software, animation, specific designed graphics, music, movies and more.