In the middle of a global recession, spending money on web design might sound like a crazy idea. But for many businesses, this is a smart time to invest in your website-acting now might be safer than sitting it out.

Fear makes us want to hide

Recessions are scary-nobody knows what's going to happen, how bad it'll be, or when it'll end. Our natural reaction to fear is to hide-freeze projects, hoard cash, and lock ourselves away in a warm room until the trouble has passed. Investment in web design seems out of the question.

Inaction isn't safe

Is hiding really the safe option? Clearly, for some organisations it is-those who are winding down their businesses, or who can survive on existing contracts indefinitely. But for businesses that want to stay competitive through the recession, and emerge from the other side, inaction now could be dangerous.

Smart investment can strengthen your business

During the good times, many businesses could count on customers coming through the door, even if the customer experience was poor. On the web, this shows up as a complacent attitude towards user experience-websites are "good enough" if nobody seems to complain.

Now that everybody is cutting spending, customers are more selective about who they buy from-and concepts like customer service are coming back into fashion. If you need to hold on to customers in this climate, "good enough" won't cut it. A smart investment in improved user experience could make the difference between leading the field and being just another competitor.

Room for improvement

Most business websites have some room for improvement, but what kind of changes are we talking about? Here are just a few suggestions.

You could commission some user-centred design, based on the findings of user research. Or, you could write a content strategy, and then rework your information architecture around it. You might want to look at your use of web standards too.

Worth spending money on

Is web design really worth spending money on now, when money's so short? It depends on your circumstances, but we think you should give it serious consideration.

A web design project might look expensive at first-but when you're working collaboratively, a lot of the cost comes from your own time. And in a recession, you have more of your own time available. Add that to the likelihood that your competition will have frozen investment, and you're on the way to a substantial competitive advantage.

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