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Waffle irons producer for harts waffle, fruit waffle, waffle irons for scones, Brussels waffle etc.

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In 1922 Mr. Isodoor Van Damme started to produce waffle irons in Brussels. His son, Hubert Van Damme continued the business and also started to export these machines throughout the world. The waffles started a tour of fame. The world exhibition in New York helped a lot for the American market, although the American soon made waffles that have different taste than the originals, probably due to differences in basic ingredients. The waffles are called "Belgian Waffles" although a Belgian Waffle doesn`t exists, what exists are a lot of different types of Belgian waffles.

So, from that world exhibition on, the seeds for the waffle business where spread in America. Japan followed and became specialized in waffles, especially the Sugar Waffle or known in Belgium as Liege waffles. (Named to the city where the sugar waffle was invented) Mr. Hubert Van Damme did a very good job in exporting the waffle irons around the world, together with the knowledge on "How To Produce" the waffles.

Since 2002 Mr. Benny Pitteurs took over the company HVD. Mr Hubert Van Damme earned his retirement and is enjoying it by traveling the world.

In the last years HVD has been expanding and changed the technology in a progressive way. Markets are approached through exhibitions in cooperation with the Flanders Invest and Trade services. The markets are world wide and cover almost all continents.

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