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Door het klantgericht beschikbaar stellen van een autorisatie gestuurde serveromgeving is het mogelijk om intern informatie projecten op te zetten, te beheren en te presenteren.

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Amplixs Interaction Management

Independent online survey and is only looking for the right-to-use technology? Or do you support in the research design, as in the preparation of the (customer specific) questionnaires and insight into online reporting? What are the advantages of working with Amplixs?

Amplixs is your partner for online research and data gathering to measure, in providing insight into the results of online research before making decisions. Our technology is indispensable for a successful implementation of online research, in direct operational availability and transparency of online research and data collection. Now and in the future. Software investments are required, sufficient Internet access. There are no additional costs for maintenance and hosting. In other words, no surprises.
Online Research

We develop, manage and support a proven technology for online research. Suitable for any type of online research, online research from single to monitor business performance. For both profit and nonprofit sectors. Amplixs the technology for online research is applied in three basic modules: sensing, monitoring and benchmarking. Through close collaboration with consultants, research firms and universities Amplixs able continually investigating new methods and techniques for technology development. Resulting in at least one new release per year.
Clear and simple

Everything is in our service geared towards online research online information accessible to every authorized user. Through a clear, structured and above all efficient method of measurement. This means that Amplixs solutions as simple as possible and wants to keep the information for both interviewer and information provider (the respondent).

We distinguish two types of research for online collaboration. Maybe you have a lot of experience in research and you are only looking for an online application that allows you to study at the desired level can perform. Whether you want just like all or part of full service support online research, the drafting of questionnaires to make available online reports. Both forms of cooperation is possible in a white-label construction, inspection completely in your own name to (have) run. Amplixs role in this case, only the technical role and will remain in the background. For your customers you remain the supplier of the product or service.

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