Health Insurance Coverage for Staff and Dependents

Health insurance for NON-J1 employees is provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

Employee Coverage

Eighty percent (80%) of the employee premium is paid for by United World Telecom.  Employees must contribute the remaining 20% pre-tax  if they decide to get UWT's group health insurance.  This employee contribution amounts to $85.30 per month (i.e. $39.37 per payroll).

Employees are eligible for health coverage at the end of their first full calendar month of employment.

For example, if you start on the 1 of April, you will be eligible on the 1st of May because you were employed by UWT during the entire month of April. If you start on the 2nd of April then the month of April will not count, and you will become eligible for health insurance on the 1st of June.

You must fill out the application form and return it to the Accounting department before you become eligible, or you may loose the opportunity to enroll until the following July.

Your contribution will be postpaid, which means that your payroll contribution will always cover the previous 2 weeks of health insurance.

Termination of coverage can only be effective at the end of a calendar month, and notice must be given to accounting before the end of the calendar month to apply at the end of that month. If you choose to terminate coverage, your contribution amount for the first payroll of the following month will be pro-rated by the number of business days falling in the previous (i.e. covered) month.

If you obtain other group coverage through your spouse’s employer at the time of dropping/declining UWT’s coverage and later loose that coverage (as a result of termination of employment, reduction in the number of hours worked, other employer ceased offering health coverage or terminated contribution to coverage, death of spouse, divorce, or legal separation), you should then be able to get back on UWT’s plan at that time, as long as there is no lapse of coverage. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the following open enrollment period, which is the month of June for coverage in July.

If you leave United World Telecom, coverage will be canceled at the end of the calendar month of your departure. Therefore your full contribution for the last month of coverage will be deducted on the first payroll following your notice (or payroll will be called back retroactively if necessary).

Dependents Coverage

Employees can insure their dependents with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida through United World Telecom at cost. Premiums for dependents will be withheld from payroll on a pre-tax basis as well.  Effective July 1st, 2007, Domestic Partners are covered the same way as Spouses.

You must decide whether to enroll your dependents before you become eligible. If you choose not to cover your dependents at that time, you will not be able to enroll them again until the following June except under special circumstances such as loss spouse’s loss of employment….

A Covered Employee may apply for coverage for an eligible dependent due to marriage. To apply for coverage, the Covered Employee must complete the Member Status Change Request form and submit it to their manager. The Member Status Change Request form must be received by BCBSF/HOI within 30 days of the date of the marriage.  If you do not enroll a new dependent within this time window, you will have to wait until the following June to enroll the dependent.  The effective date of coverage for an eligible Dependent who is enrolled as a result of marriage is the date of the marriage.  Newborn children must also be added to coverage within 30 days of birth.

  • Coverage for Spouse charged by Blue Cross is $456.35 per month; this is the amount that you will pay.
  • Coverage for Children is $375.32
  • Coverage for Spouse and Children is $927.62 (I don’t know why it is more than the sum of Spouse and Children coverage but that’s the way it is)
  • The above costs are effective July 1st 2009 and will change on July 1st 2010 and every year again in July.
  • The above document does not apply to J-1 trainees.
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