Non disclosure of information and safeguarding of company data

Employees agree to safeguard and refrain from disclosing UWT’s trade secrets, customers, agents, resellers, pricing, cost, procedural and other confidential data at all times during and after employment and to take reasonable security measures to prevent accidental disclosure and industrial espionage

Employees are not to share with customers, agents, or resellers any type of volume information, except for their own volumes, as well as pricing information (other than their own pricing), cost information, profitability, deals that we have with other agents or resellers, name of other agents, resellers and/or customers and in general, any information that we do not publish on our web site.

Never use multiple recipients in an email when addressing different agents, resellers, and/or customers.  Announcements or other form types of emails must be sent using special software such as DBMail or internally developed software/applications.

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