Policy on use of Internet, email, miscellaneous software and hardware, and phones at work

Internet and Email

  • E-mail, Internet and other computer software provided by the company are to be used for business purposes only.
  • Use of computer facilities for personal reasons unless expressly authorized is prohibited.
  • The company reserves the right to enter, search, and monitor the computer files or e-mail of any employee, without advance notice, for business purposes such as investigating theft, disclosure of confidential business or proprietary information, or personal abuse of the system, or monitoring work flow or productivity.
  • Internet activity of all computers will now be logged and logs emailed to managers. Some websites will be blocked from being accessed through our network. However, non blocking of one or more websites does not imply that access to these websites is authorized or condoned.

Software, hardware and passwords

  • No employee may add unauthorized hardware, software or files to any machine owned by UWT without their manager’s permission and MIS notification.
  • Software or other business information on the computer should not be copied and taken from the business's premises without your manager’s permission.
  • All computer passwords and codes must be available to the company at all times; talk to your manager about this.

Listening to music

  • Listening to a music playlist or radio station through music.yahoo.com, or similar websites or other devices, using computer or other speakers, is tentatively authorized as long as the playing of music does not interfere with your work or the work of your colleagues. Use of earphones/headphones is not authorized. Browsing through music is not authorized. Playing music (or other) videos is not allowed.

One computer dedicated to Browsing

  • To allow for limited exceptions to the above rules, one computer will be set up in a common area to allow limited non business related internet access on premise. Use of this computer should be occasional and limited to urgent business or limited to lunch break. However, under no circumstances should this computer (or any other UWT computer) be used to obtain, view, or reach any pornographic, or otherwise immoral Internet sites.

Use of cell phones, company phones and company PINs.

  • Cell phones or company phone use for personal matters during work hours should be limited only to time sensitive or urgent matters. As such these calls should really not last more than a few minutes. You must let your manager know in advance if there is an emergency or a special circumstance that requires longer cell phone or company phone use for personal matters during work hours.
  • Use of company PINs for personal phone calls outside of the office is strictly prohibited and is ground for termination and reimbursement without employee discount
  • Use of company PINs for personal phone calls in the office is strongly discouraged. Using company PINs from the office for more than $5 in any given month or $10 in any 3 months period is strictly prohibited and will trigger a warning and reimbursement without employee discount of all personal calls made within the previous 12 months using company PINs
  • Using a cell phone to surf the internet or to frequently check e-mails during work hours is also not allowed.

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